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SOS shampoo

שמפו לשיקום רקמות עמוקות של השיערה . מעניק ברק ורכות יוצאת דופן כבר מהשימוש הראשון.

כמות : 500 מ”ל


SOS- A unique do-it-yourself deep hair restoration kit
!It's in your hands
,Deep hair treatment for damaged hair fusion
Softening dry hair and reducing freez

The sun, the years that have passed, chemical processes that your hair has gone through, all these have made your hair dry and lifeless.

Damaged hair needs constant support and deep .high-quality restoration - Now you have the opportunity to do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars on restorative treatments that you spent at the hair salon

The brilliant makeover your hair needs

Meet the SOS care kit - a unique rehabilitation kit
!that comes to you for home care
This is how you can restore the softness and ,shine to your hair
And notice a substantial change from the first treatment

Deep Tissue Rihabilitation Kit
?Who is it for

Suitable for treating frizzy hair with split ends and perfect for dry hair

For all types of hair that have undergone chemical treatments such as: straightening, highlight, color, hair extensions and other chemical treatments 

Suitable for bleached or very damaged hair

Suitable as a treatment to reduce volume and freez and restore curly hair 

For anyone who has lost the flexibility in her hair, and wants a shiny look and silky smooth hair 

For those who want quick treatment that brings results, at an affordable price, without leaving home 

?How will the treatment benefit your hair

A unique formula for the treatment of dry and damaged hair, instantly gives shine and softness to the hair 

After the treatment, you will feel that the touch will be significantly softer and more pleasant, and the hair will be full of shine 

Treatment and restoration of deep tissues of the hair, repairs the hair from the core and wraps it in proteins and peptides

Gives softness and shine perfectly that will make you fall in love with your hair all over again

The treatment preserves the hair color and does not change it

Gives a unique and luxurious fragrance for a refreshing feeling

Regular washing with high-quality salt-free hair products preserves the elasticity of the hair and prevents it from splitting and breaking. As a result, the hair lengthens and does not dry out 

?What does the kit contain

Deep Tissue Restoration Sprey


Deep Tissue Restoration Shampoo


Deep Tissue Restoration Mask

Do it yourself! The 3 step treatment
:This is how it works

1.  Wash your hair twice with SOS shampoo 

2. It is not necessary to use a mask before the treatment with the restorative spray. The hair should be dry and clean 

3. Dry the hair completely.

4. Spray the restoration spray evenly on the hair 

5. Brush your hair and wait for 30 minutes 

6. Brush the hair again and dry with a blow dryer 

7. In order to straighten the hair, you can straighten the hair with a straightener at a temperature of 180 degrees 

8. Wash, apply an SOS restoration mask, brush and rinse with cold water 

At the end of the treatment you will already feel the difference! You will get soft, shiny and pleasant hair .Much more than you had before
SOS and already feel the difference
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4 3
?What ingredients will you find in our product line

Keratin proteins

complement the hair tissues, Produces a shiny and healthy look


Strengthen the roots of the hair and thicken it


Restores and gives exceptional softness to the hair

:customers recommend

Capsules for the treatment of thinning hair + sos hair restoration kit
קרא עוד
My hair was fragile and weak and I would like to point out that thanks to the magic capsules I bought from you, they did wonders for my hair. From just 1 use, my hair feels wonderful, pleasant and smooth. I am very satisfied. The hair was perfectly restored
SOS hair restoration kit
קרא עוד
  @hadar_eilon_toledano In the SOS hair restoration kit I really have to praise the SOS for hair restoration!!! What he did to my hair is just crazy, from dry hair that went smooth and toned, it became soft and pleasant to the touch!!! And the surprise - it made my hair very smooth and significantly relaxed the volume. It's stunning and the most fun to praise when the product is perfect and invested, totally not something you can find anywhere❤️❤️

Do you have a question ? We have answered some of the frequently asked questions

for sure! The treatment is suitable for all types of hair and is designed to provide a response to exactly such situations, especially in cases where the hair has been damaged until it has lost its sulfur bonds. The treatment softens the hair, wraps it in proteins, strengthens and repairs it from the core. Your hair will look better and feel better from the very first use!

Definitely. The treatment is suitable for curly or wavy hair that has lost its softness, shine and flexibility over the years and needs intensive protectin

The products do not contain salts or SLS and are also suitable for straightened hair

The restoration spray is recommended to be used every 3-4 weeks, as needed. The shampoo and mask can be used every wash, it is recommended to wash between 2-3 times a week. The purpose of the shampoo and the mask is to preserve the treatment

You knew?

One intensive rehabilitation treatment costs about $200 at the hair salon. 

Our kit is enough for six to ten rehabilitation treatments!

!The most profitable for you

:The kit contains

  • Deep Tissue Rehabilitation Treatment - 200ml 
  • Deep Tissue Rehabilitation Shampoo -500ml 
  • Deep Tissue Rehabilitation Mask -500ml  

Spoil yourself with a unique and homemade kit for deep restoration of the hair tissues

Now at a sale price !Including free home delivery

Original price was: $296.Current price is: $249.

?Want to ask us something else !We will be glad to help

Feel free to contact us

Deep Tissue Rihabilitation Kit

Did you know?

Regular brushing with high-quality hair products without salts preserves the elasticity of the hair and prevents it from splitting and breaking, as a result the hair grows longer and does not dry out.

Dry hair
Healthy hair

Three-stage and intensive treatment for dry and damaged hair from chemical hair treatments

The treatment is suitable for all types of hair that have undergone chemical treatments such as straightening, shades, color and other chemical treatments.


A unique formula for treating broken hair 12 A blemish that instantly gives shine and softness to the hair. After the treatment, the touch will be significantly softer and pleasant and the hair will be full of shine.

How to apply?

Wash twice with SOS shampoo.
It is not necessary to use a mask before the treatment with the restorative spray. The hair should be dry and clean
Dry the hair completely.
Spray the restoration spray evenly throughout the hair.
Brush and wait 30 minutes. After waiting, brush and blow dry.
The result you will get - soft, shiny and pleasant hair that is significantly better than it was in the beginning.
After the treatment, wash your hair, apply a sos restoration mask to the brushes and rinse with lukewarm water.

The softeners that the products contain:

Before and after:

1 2
4 3

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