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GRO hair restoration and nourishment mask

מסיכה לעידוד צמיחת השיער ,חיזוק ועיבוי שורשיו תורמת להפחתת נשירה בשיער. המסיכה מכילה קפאין ביוטין ושמן המפ הידועים בתרומתם לבריאות השיער וחיזוק שורשיו
קפאין, ביוטין חומצה הילארונית ושמן המפ.
כמות : 500 מ”ל.


Thick Long & strong hair set

Did you know?

Regular brushing with high-quality hair products without salts preserves the elasticity of the hair and prevents it from splitting and breaking, as a result the hair grows longer and does not dry out.

Dry hair
Healthy hair

A set of hair products to strengthen the thickening and extension of thin, thin and fragile hair.

Intensively cares for hair that has been damaged by chemical hair treatments.

The treatment is suitable for all types of hair that have undergone chemical treatments such as straightening, shades, color and other chemical treatments.


A unique formula for the treatment of thin, thin and damaged hair that instantly gives shine and softness to the hair. After the treatment, the touch will be significantly softer and pleasant and the hair will be full of shine.

How to apply?

Washing the hair twice with the Thick Long & Strong therapeutic shampoo.
Apply the therapeutic mask and brush.
Wait 4 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
After the overlap, apply the serum on damp or dry hair.

The result you will get - soft, shiny and pleasant hair that is significantly better than it was in the beginning.
After 3 months you will feel the difference. The hair will be significantly thicker and denser.

The softeners that the products contain:


A vitamin from group B that strengthens the hair follicle, thickens and repairs the hair.

Keratin proteins

Complement the hair tissues and create a shiny and healthy look


Restores and gives exceptional softness

Hyaluronic acid

Gives shine and fills the hair fragments


Stimulates blood flow to the scalp area, accelerates new hair growth.

Hemp seed oil

that the fatty acids in the hemp seed oil even stimulate the scalp and the base of the hair and encourage growth.

Before using the gro kit

After using the GRO kit

Before using the gro kit

After using the GRO kit

Common questions:

The treatment is suitable for all hair types. Especially for extreme situations where the hair has been damaged to such an extent that it has lost its sulfur bonds.
The treatment softens the hair, wraps it in proteins, strengthens it and repairs it from the core. Your hair will look better and feel better from the very first use.

The treatment is also suitable for curly or wavy hair that has lost its softness, shine and elasticity over the years and needs intensive nourishment.

The products do not contain salts or SLS and are also suitable for straightened hair.

The shampoo and the mask can be used every wash and it is recommended to wash between 2-3 times a week.
The purpose of the shampoo and the mask is to preserve the treatment. The serum can be used every day.

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